Stuart Goldenberg

Max Ariel Weingarten


Max has worked in salons since he was 16, but he claims that he truly found his niche in the hair world while traveling with his music and doing hair on the road, at shows, in bars and basements. Max says at some point he really started, “just grabbing the hair and cutting it”. This fearless approach, combined with the ensuing years of education has seen Max evolve into an in-demand stylist with a clientele as diverse as Max’s interests. When not in the salon, you can find Max at home writing songs and watching movies. He also loves running, riding bikes, reading science fiction, and playing table tennis.

“I feel like I’ve been coloring outside the lines my whole life. I need to be where that type of thing is encouraged.” Max found that here at AMMO, and we couldn’t be happier to have found him. It’s obvious that Max is in this industry because he loves people. He gravitates towards texture and dimension, in someone’s personality, as well as in their hair. Max doesn’t feel handcuffed by “the rules”, instead he uses his foundation and works with you to find the most suitable cut and color for your lifestyle.

Rarely will you hear Max say, “Come back in six to eight weeks” or “do you want to buy some shampoo” The typical stylist tropes have no place in Max’s no nonsense vocabulary, you can rest assured that if Max ever starts to sound professional, he means it.